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When Life Takes a Turn, Turn With It

Thirty-nine years ago tonight I was kidnapped.  Taken from my dorm room at midnight, despite my fruitless protests.  I had come from a late-night student meeting at Gustavus where I was a senior.  I was sick, tired and had my GREs (Graduate Record Exams) early the next morning.  And I was greeted at my dorm […]

My Actions Are My Only True Possessions

Who are you without March Madness? Who are you without the pro tennis circuit? Who are you without the NBA to distract you? The NHL? MLB? Theater? Concerts? Restaurants and bars? Your synagogue, church, mosque, temple? Who are you without your job as custodian? Or teacher? Or fund raiser? Or musician? Or server? Or tennis […]

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I woke up this morning at 3:18 AM.  I was thinking about forgiveness.  I didn’t even try to get back to sleep, just laid there rolling it around in my head.  Because there is someone (and a list that is much longer than one, I’m afraid, but we’ll start with one) that I have been […]

Be Driven By Curiosity, Not Fear. (First of Three Parts)

There are so many things to fear in this world.  People who cheat and get away with it, people who lie and get away with it, people who bully and get away with it.  On and off the court.  Climate changing faster than we can keep up.  People who do not look like us or […]

TLC Blog – How TLC is Like GVS

TLC Blog – How TLC is Like GVS I walked by the court.  Two fifty-year old brothers at family camp were lining up.  I knew from before GVS started that their understanding and internalizing of our Three Crowns℠ philosophy (positive attitude, full effort, good sportsmanship) was, let’s say, stunted, but then I thought, “Naw, not […]

Thanksgiving. Cheating, Bitterness, and Understanding

I have been having a series of conversations recently with someone whose ideology I have deeply and bitterly opposed . Just as they have deeply and bitterly opposed mine. Throughout the course of these conversations, I have discovered that as I have stopped pushing or saying internally “What is the matter with you, anyway???”, and […]

TLC and Carjacking

A year ago today, I was carjacked. I made mistakes and miscalculations. I was on my way to play tennis at 6:30 AM on a Sunday. My first mistake was giving a ride to two 20-year-olds who appeared in our driveway on that rainy November morning with the temperature hovering around 35 degrees.  I felt […]

The Arc of Tennis, The Arc of Life

There is an arc to every career.  And to every tennis player.  To every society.  And to every life. At some point, as a singer/songwriter, whether or not Leandra and I decided to “retire” (which we did seven years ago) from performing publicly as a duo, our audience would have faded away.  It is never […]

Visualize This (Part II)

Ok, I was Mr. Cranky Pants devil’s advocate two weeks ago on my first blog on visualizing.  Or, rather, on visualization’s limits. So, this week I will argue against my last week’s blog. And you will see why living in my mind makes your life seem so much better. Last week’s blog (click here to […]

Visualize This

When Bianca Andreescu pulled off her amazing U.S. Open finals victory over Serena Williams, and was undaunted by William’s comeback in the second set, she explained it by saying she was not ruffled because she had visualized winning the U.S. Open her whole life (nineteen is a whole life???) and continued to focus on that.  […]