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Thankful for the Pain?

Can we be thankful for the pain in our lives? Last week, our swimmer daughter, Madeline, found out she might be pulled from her relay team (which she had swam on all year) and replaced by a teammate, literally the day before section finals.  This was a relay team destined for state and a Minneapolis […]

The Gift of the Double Bagel

I love to win. And I have sometimes done things in my life in order to win that I am not proud of. That is for a future blog. But it is the background information you should know for this one. Monday night, my doubles partner and I were the deciding point in our USTA […]

One Point Said It All

The Minnesota State High School Girls Tennis Tournament just ended last week.  83 TLC girls were in it.  5 out of 6 individual champions were TLCers. These girls are my heroes.  But not for the reason I would have stated when I was younger. Watching them play, I now know what is possible. I watched […]