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It Takes a Village – In Honor of Steve Wilkinson

One year ago today, Steve died. I have spent the year in mourning. And talking to him. And hearing him answer me back. On the opening night of last weekend’s TLC Winter Retreat Camp, I spoke with the kids about my friendship with Steve and how the mission of TLC continues on through all of […]

Why–For One Sunday–The Vikings Reminded Me of TLC

I played college football at Gustavus.  Quarterback.  I was just good enough to have the opposing team believe they were never out of it as long as I was in the game.  And I was, on at least one occasion, voted – I’m sure of this – the opposing team’s MVP for the day. (That […]

What Do You Do In The New Year When The Three Crowns Don’t Work?

You’re going to fail this year. Oh, Happy New Year from TLC! Guess what? Everyone else you know is also going to fail. You are going to practice the Three Crowns of attitude, effort, and sportsmanship. And sometimes you are going to fall on your face. Sometimes literally. So why even bother getting back up? […]