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Cheating, Take Two: The Role Of The Parent

I was playing junior tennis and was literally a hick from the sticks who nobody knew (I am still a hick from the sticks who no one knows).  I played the #4 seed on two consecutive occasions and was fortunate to play some of my best tennis.  Both matches went to three sets, 6-4 in […]

Cheating (And The Cheating Cheaters Who Cheat Us)

It’s tax time!!! What better time to talk about cheating!? (No one calls it cheating on taxes, though, right?  Unless it’s someone else.  No, we call it “fudging”.  Sounds tastier than “cheating”). A tennis pro and coach I admire wrote me last fall, and this is what he said: This summer while coaching at JTT sectionals […]

The Damage You Can Do By Not Practicing The Three Crowns

This photo is funny. My situation, unfortunately, is not. After 35 years of hearing and preaching about the TLC Three Crowns of positive attitude, full effort, and good sportsmanship, I recently, in the heat of the moment, called out my friend and teammate for not doing something I thought he should do.  I did it […]