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The Next Right Thing

One of our camper’s opponents drove a tough shot into the corner, and the camper went for an ill-advised winner.  He tried to do too much.  He missed.  He hit his shoe with his racket.  Then he hit it again.  And again. I happened to be walking past at the moment.  Lucky him. I called […]


For almost 40 years we have been putting smiley faces on rackets.  Let me correct myself.  Steve has been putting smiley faces on rackets.  When he took control of the ink stencil pen, no one could wrest the thing out of his hands.  When he had to miss a day due to illness or another […]

What’s The Score?

What’s the score?  We hear that phrase all the time on the court and in life.   It is the measure of success in the eyes of many in this world.  How many games did we win in a match, how many A’s did we get in school, how many sales did we rack up for […]