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The Making of Champions

I love to win. Let’s just put that out there. Who doesn’t? But what makes a champion? I witnessed history last week. The scoreboard says that the Edina high school girls tennis team, for the first time in twenty years – let that sink in, twenty years – will not be state AA champions. That’s […]

When The Competition Heats Up, Do We Have To?

We’re in the girls’ high school tourney season in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Which makes me pause. And wonder. When the competition heats up, do we have to, too, in order to win? I will answer this with a story from a coach, a mom, and me. The coach wrote me about two TLC campers in […]

It’s Our Turn

The first summer he came to TLC, he did not smile.  Once.  He left and I remember wondering how he would navigate this world. Russell was a camper on scholarship when TLC first became a non-profit in 2011. When he returned on scholarship the following summer, there was a powerful difference.  His smile was wide, beautiful, […]