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Old Dog, New Trick

We say we cannot change. I sometimes wonder whether or not this is true. In our actions.  In our minds.  In our tennis games. Are we not set in our ways by such and such an age that it is too late? Are we not doomed to repeat the same mistakes in our lives and […]

A Simple Act Of Love

“She has a crisis of confidence.” That is what her dad said to me when I told him his daughter had natural talent and could make some breakthroughs that weekend. “Sara” was one of our retreat campers this winter, where we talk about how we can use the Three Crowns • Positive Attitude • Full […]

TLC Blog – Vision

Four years ago today, Steve Wilkinson passed away. Steve “saw” the court better than any person I ever played.  He always was thinking three shots ahead of his opponent.  He set points up methodically, surgically.  If I had a dollar for every time he short-angled me to my backhand, forced me out of my comfort […]