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On Giving: #2

Last week we had a camper here on scholarship.  A beautiful, strong, quiet young girl.  Through the course of camp, she rarely spoke to me.  (Reminded me of my daughter at the breakfast table).  She was taking in everything and working hard.  When the camp was over, she was waiting for a ride from her dad so I […]

On Giving: #1

It all started with a hairbrush. Tuesday, two sister campers came up to me with a problem.  They had forgotten their hairbrush at home.  I said, “Well, I just run my fingers through my hair.  Try that.”  When I saw their faces and realized that my sense of humor is not shared by all, I […]

On Being Grateful

Our entire camp is focused on being grateful for what we have, rather than focusing on what we don’t have. And one ten year old girl named Ellie reminded me powerfully of this yesterday. We gather each morning for the Thank You Bowl. Campers and instructors have spent the camp writing thank you notes to […]