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We are finishing our 40th Summer of Tennis & Life Camps. And we are going to release some news publicly in October of what we plan to do to ensure that the next 40 years are even better. Stay tuned.


The other day, we received a $1,000 donation to TLC scholarships from a person who does not have the resources many of us do. This is stretching this person. And they asked to remain anonymous. I shake my head in wonder. I want to be like that person.


IMG_7454Yesterday morning at family camp reflections, when I was talking about leaning on each other for support, parents and children instinctively leaned against each other. And stayed there. It was beautiful. The love in the room was palpable. Or maybe they were just tired from three days of dorm beds.


David Lachman and I are going our separate ways the rest of August to nap. And then, when September rolls around, the sound will be what my daughter made when she was about three years old and ready for the day, but my wife and I were not. She would stand beside the bed, eyes very close to my sleeping eyes and say, “WwwwwwwwwwwwwwAKEUP!!!!!!!!” One of my least favorite favorite memories.

We will wake up, but for now, Shhhhhhhhhhh…. And thank you.


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  1. Laura Riness says:

    Hi Neal,

    I want to thank you for offering Kamy and me a life-changing opportunity through family camp. Mason had to work pretty hard to convince his mother to step out of her introverted comfort zone, and even a bit more work to talk his youngest sister into coming along. From the moment we stepped on campus I could feel the excitement and the positive energy. Right away, among the smiling faces, I saw Asteway, you, and Mason. Still not knowing quite what to expect, I embarked on a journey that called upon me to put the three crowns philosophy into practice in a completely unexpected way.

    The first night although my spirit was willing my flesh was weak. At the end of the first night the score was asthma 100, “Mom” 0. I felt defeated and that I had somehow let my son and my pseudo son (Asteway) down. This was to be my official tennis debut!! I returned home that night because I had to work the following morning. After a night of wheezing, tossing, and turning, I called my doctor. She basically ended my tennis debut, or so I thought. Somewhere between Mankato and St. Peter that evening the three crowns philosophy popped into my head. I remembered how those words of wisdom had sustained Mason through a serious wrist injury the year before. Why? Because he gave up that which he could not control, gave 100%, and kept a positive attitude. If he could do that with a broken bone, I should be able to do the same with tired achy lungs. Right then and there I committed to make the most of the gift I had been given through TLC.

    I could post quite an article, but I will wrap it up by saying I had a great time. I got to see my son teach and my daughter make remarkable progress on the court in just a few days. I got to meet you, and the wonderful staff you put together. The best part, however, was the smile our presence put on my son’s face. It feels good to do something for someone else. It feels good to be a good sport. It feels even better to give full effort, even if it means observing and cheering others on.

    Thank you so much for the opportunity. You will see us next year!!

    Laura Riness aka “Mason’s Mom” 🙂

    • Neal says:

      Laura, having you and Camy at camp and seeing Mason’s huge smile and unbridled joy hainvg you see what he does all summer was, hands down, one of my favorite moments of the summer. Mason said, “All I want for my birthday is for my mom and sister to come to TLC”. He will never forget it. And neither will I. 🙂

      • Bruce McKinnon says:

        How could one not like this story by Laura Riness. Talk about a feather in the cap of TLC. Congradulations team. Steve’s spirit lives on. Through you Neal.

  2. M Lesiuk says:

    Can we reserve those rocks for next year’s beds?

  3. Raman Jayapathy says:

    Good job this summer. The kids I know had an awesome time.

    • Neal Hagberg says:

      Thanks, Raman. Your kids are great and I’ll send anyone I know your way because of your expertise and integrity.

  4. Betsi says:

    Hmmm…..any chance I might pry it out of any of the staff?

  5. Bruce McKinnon says:

    Sleeping around again, huh?

  6. Joan Guenzel says:

    TLC is a beauty and gem to behold. Olivia Guenzel has cherished her last 2 summer experiences with the counselors, SLP tennis team and meeting kids and counsellors from around the world. Thank you times a million.
    Joan, her mom

  7. Karen Mann says:

    Thank you so much for your embracing nature! Geniveve cannot wait to come back next year! She loved the tennis, making new friends and, most of all, meeting you!! Have a peaceful sleep!

  8. Rozan A says:

    Leave us hanging like that? Good grief! I’m looking forward to hearing more from you after your long, well-deserved nap!