David Lachman: First Unofficial Inductee Into The TLC Hall Of Fame

Posted on October 12th, 2018 by

David Lachman upon receiving Unofficial Hall of Fame jersey. Rafter raising ceremony TBD.

Sometimes, people deserve more blogs than they get.

I believe this is only the third blog I have written over seven years on David Lachman.

Today may or may not be the last.

For sixteen years David has either been a camper, an instructor, or assistant director of TLC.  The last seven have been as assistant director.

D-Lach motivating campers with smiley faced racket and smiley faced face

If you love TLC, you love David.

If you have been influenced positively by TLC, you have been influenced by David, whether you know it or not.

If you have experienced kindness at TLC, you have experienced kindness from David through his modeling it to the staff, who pass it on to you.

If you have ever messed up a registration, you have been saved by David.

If you have been frustrated by any process that wasn’t perfect, you have been soothed by David, who then made it right.

If you ever needed anything before you knew you needed it, David “Radar” (thanks for the name, Lucky!) Lachman has presented it to you while your openly gaping mouth tried to get out the words, “How did you know?”

Davey Gravy, Sportsmanship Character Extraordinaire and Thanksgiving Chef

If you ever found yourself wondering who models the behavior of service behind the scenes and asks no credit, now you know.  David.

And if you wonder how TLC has expanded as a non-profit to create collaborative relationships with the USTA, InnerCity Tennis, Fred Wells Tennis and Education Center, Saint Paul Urban Tennis, the MSHSL and countless other organizations and schools, look no further.  David.

Camper outreach?  David.

Strategic planning?  David.

Keeping the director from going off the rails?  David.

David Lachman saying “Let’s all look like we are talking about something important for the camera.”

All around remarkable human being?  Yep.  David.

And, if you wonder who is heading off on his next great adventure beyond TLC, the answer is David.

One does not say goodbye to someone who has profoundly changed your life through wise advice, trusted friendship, creative partnership, shared vision for the greater good, belief in the value and dignity of all people, a willingness to go to battle with those who are not given the same opportunity in this world as some of the rest of us, and a sense of humor that can be both wicked and kind at the same time.


One does not say goodbye.  Just thank you.

David Lachman off to a much deserved rest after 16 years of TLC. I will wake up soon, I promise ;).

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  1. Marcia Ryder says:

    Camp without you will be hard to imagine. You are SO appreciated!! Wishing you the best in your new endeavors. You will definitely be missed and I hope you train your successor how to forward the mail. I’ll miss your notes.😉

  2. Barb Morgan says:

    David, Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors! Your kindness and caring ways will be missed, but I know that your imprint on TLC will endure. Thanks for all you’ve done for us and the organization!

  3. Kathleen Maginot says:

    Dear David,
    I know Steve is looking down on you now, thanking you and wishing you the best in your future endeavors. We are too! And so grateful for your unassuming nature and huge contribution to TLC. We will miss you at camp!
    Love, Kathleen, Maddie, and Anders

  4. Karen Mann says:

    I love you and will miss you greatly, David. Geniveve was sad to hear of your leaving, too! I know you will succeed in the next chapter of this adventure we call life! And good luck with the wedding planning!

  5. Lynn Beaty says:

    David, I wish you the best and will miss you and my dunkin donuts.You always went out of your way to show us custodians how TLC appreciated all we do and that meant a lot.We have some memories that you just can’t make up and at the time some weren’t funny but now we can look back and laugh.I’m so glad I got to know you and work with you helping to make a great experience for the campers each and every week.Thank you for being a part of my life and the good times we had.Lynn

  6. John Wilkinson says:

    David, I am also grateful for all that you have done to enable me to enjoy the TLC experience. You will be missed, and never replaced, but I am sure that the lessons of TLC will live on in whatever we choose to do. Best wishes, and happy trails!

  7. Bev Lesiuk says:

    Oh, wow! TLC without David is very hard to imagine. Thank you for all you’ve done, you have no idea how much you are appreciated. Good luck with your next adventures! Mike, Katy and I wish you all the best.

  8. Tess Howard says:

    Totally agree! David is the epitamy of individual who knows how to serve others! Good luck in all you do! Tess And Kianna Howard

  9. Kathy Lutes says:

    David, your work has been truly appreciated. You are one of the calmest people I know. Even if you were flustered on the inside, you remained cheerful and uplifting. I will pray for your next adventure! THANK YOU!

  10. Sue Orischak says:

    David, I am literally writing this note with tears in my eyes. You really have no idea how much you have profoundly impacted people’s live with you gentle shy smile and cheerful words. You make every camper (child, teen or adult) a better version of themselves just for meeting and knowing you. I hope wherever you land, you will be appreciated for all your talents, charm and especially your heart. Until we meet again, gentle man.